Short Term Dockage 

  • Daily (Includes Wi-Fi Internet & Loaner Car)

  • Multiple night discount

  • Weekly Face

  • Weekly Inside Docks

  • One Month or More

  • Dinghy Dock Daily


$2.20/ foot per day

$2.00 / foot per for three nights or more

$13.30 / foot per week face docks

$10.00/ foot per week inside docks

Please call for monthly and annual rates

$20.00 / 24 hour dinghy dockage (does not include loaner cars)

Long Term Dockage 

  • Boats, Yachts, and Mega Yachts 20-200 feet

For monthly and annual rates, please call us at +1 (912) 354-8187 or click on monthly rate quote.